#Iceage – How Many


From the 2014 album Plowing Into The Field Of Love http://smarturl.it/FieldofLove

Photography and editing: Kristian Emdal

Order the album from iTunes: http://smarturl.it/FieldofLove
Order the album from Amazon: http://smarturl.it/Field_of_Love
Order the album from Matador: http://www.smarturl.it/mata.FieldofLove

How many more days of this stillness
Before the fire will blow out
A restless wind did use to stir it
But its wind-still and the silence is loud
How many more days of disorder
Of drunkenly raving around
I’ve been sleeping down here among minions
Their carelessness scattered about
Trapped in a body that does’nt act on thought
I have a sense of utopia
Of what I truly ought to do
Born onto the tide
Is it really any wonder that I’m here like this
An alliance in body and mind
Such a perfect lover i could become
How many
How many hollow declarations will follow
Lulled into a trance
I have been sitting in congress with nations
Rubbing my perspiring hands
How many attempts will it take to
Bloom in splendorous foul
Now I’m so tender and wingless
Gangling out on the prowl
How many
How many
How many
How many

Date: June 9, 2021

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