How to Draw Signature like a Billionaire (For Alphabet "P")


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We teach you here about how to design our own signature. How to design the best and easiest? You can find my signature design and calligraphy here,

1. You can write upright or you can write to the left or right.
2. You can draw zigzags while writing. Or more rounded lines.
3. Your letters can be very close together. Or you can open the letter range.
4. Your letters may be narrow or wide. You can fatten or weaken.
5. You can use your full name. You may not use both. You can write your first name and last name. You can write your name and surname. And a lot of things. However, this is restricted in some countries’ laws. This is important.
6. You can use lowercase or uppercase. You can use lowercase letters as initial. You can use uppercase letters in your inner letters.
7. The angle of your pen with the surface is very important. You can increase or decrease it. Your pen point is also important. If you keep the pen from the front, you will dominate it. But if you keep it behind, you can swipe the pen like a brush.
8. Your signature may go up or down. Or it can go straight.
9. You can change your letter partitioning so you can change your letters to completely different characters.
10. Last and most important. Each letter has an anatomy. Head, body and tail. The letter x has only the body. The letter b has both a body and a head. The letter y has body and tail. The letter f has both head, body and tail. And we put our signature to a different way by making changes in the size of these three elements. The body size of the letters is called x height. If you prefer short x height and long head and long tail in your signatures, it will be a more aesthetic signature.

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Date: May 5, 2022

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