DO THIS to impress scouts at a football trial | 5 things


How to impress scouts at a football trial – learn the skills you need to impress coaches and scouts at football trials. In this video we give you simple tips on how to succeed at football trials and the skills you need to be selected to a team. Football trials and tryouts can be scary and make you feel nervous, but performing at your absolute best level while showcasing all of your best football skills is not as complicated as you might think. Learning how to perform well at football trials starts from you being well prepared for the training session – and once you show up, you must control your emotions at all times. If you lose the ball or use amazing football skills to get past defenders, don’t get carried away – at football trials, the coaches and scouts look at your overall performance instead of unique small highlights. Also, make sure you play with your strengths: use all your best football skills and be brave. Fight for your spot – you are there to take someone else’s spot in the team, so there’s no time to hold anything back. This video gives you advice on how to perform well at football trials and what to do to impress coaches and scouts, so make sure you watch the full episode now to be ready for your next trials!

00:00 Intro
00:26 Prepare well
01:31 Control your emotions
02:48 Express yourself
04:36 Fight for it
05:54 Get feedback
06:38 Outro

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Date: August 11, 2022

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